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Commissions available! Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a very special painting in that perfect spot in your home or office, created just for you? One that reflects who you are now in the world? What feelings and colors do you want to surround yourself with? Peace, beauty, harmony, color...?

I am an artist who loves to paint commissions! It is the ability to translate what the client wants and has in mind, onto canvas in a way that is satisfying to both of us, that most intrigues me. Following conversations (in person or at a distance), we communicate and I try to intuitively "get" what is being said in a visual way. I do this with the assistance of Spirit. I ask for this guidance throughout the process.

We decide on colors, size and price. I work with acrylics on canvas. A 50% non-refundable deposit is given, with the balance due upon delivery and acceptance. Framing is not included. Along the way, I will send photos of the progress to make sure we are on track. It is a fun and co-creative process. The result will be a painting that speaks to you and touches your heart!!

If my style of painting "gardens" in a multi-layered, non-realistic, abstract, and somewhat magical way appeals to you, please give me a call and let's talk about it!

Michelle Soule'
303 623 3703

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30x40", acrylic on canvas

"It was fun to work with Michelle to create such a beautiful work of art for my home. Right size. Right colors. Now it looks like springtime in my dining room all the time." - Patty M.



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30x24", acrylic on canva

From the start of this creative process to its conclusion, working with Michelle was a joy. She has a gift for finding and expressing beauty. Richard and I are grateful she shared this gift-"Spring" is a wonderful addition to our home.



For inquiries, call the artist at 303 623-3703 or email:


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