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Michelle Soule' works as a painter, sculptor and jewelry designer. She uses the abstract and the archetypal to create spiritually evocative dimensional works of art.
Souleart Paintings Souleart Paintings

Paintings coming from my soul to yours, evoking oneness and timelessness through color and beauty.
Souleart Sculpture Souleart Sculpture

Michelle Soulé creates her sculptures from clay that is glazed and high-fired. Often, a gold wax and semi-precious stones are added. Archetypal angels, goddesses and monks fill her world. Each is unique.
Ikebana Ceramics Ikebana Ceramics

The art of Japanese flower arranging. There are several schools of Ikebana around the world, and I study the Ichiyo School with Norma Bradley in Asheville. There are basic rules to follow, but the Ichiyo School allows more freedom of expression than some, which suits my temperment.

For inquiries, call the artist at 303 623-3703 or email:

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